Please find below what the different memberships include and decide which one would best suit your personal needs.

Free Membership

This is the basic membership, allowing you to book your lessons with your PGA professional online, as well as filling in your personal profile. You can connect with your golfing friends and communicate easily with your pro. £ FREE

Silver Membership

Step up to silver membership to allow not only the above mentioned benefits, but you will now also be able to fill in all your scorecards and golf statistics as well as communicate these results with your PGA professional to start improving your golf game. Book your next golf lesson online, fill in your personal profile, and most importantly communicate directly with your pro and all of your golfing friends. £10.00 per year

Gold Membership

The ULTIMATE Game Improvement Membership. All of the many features from the silver membership (book your lessons online, make your personal profile, be able to fill in all your completed scorecards (including the game analysis), communicate directly with your PGA professional and friends etc.) PLUS have access to the complete video database and coaching module. All your personal videos and homework on your web page and in your iPhone (app available at the iTunes store) as well as receiving personal bespoke coaching, advice and game strategies from your pro. £20.00 per year with FREE 30 minute consultation session.

Membership overview

Book lessons online
Golf Profile
Scorecards -
Statistics -
Coaching - -
Advice - -
Videos - -

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Golf e-Services

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