Does MIT have a golf team?

After doing a bit of digging, I found out that MIT does indeed have a golf team. It's not just a casual club either, they compete at the NCAA Division III level. The team is made up of both men and women who have a passion for the sport. They train rigorously and participate in numerous tournaments throughout the year. It's clear that golf at MIT is taken quite seriously and their team is dedicated to the sport.

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Is it ok to start playing golf in your twenties?

The article discusses whether it is okay to start playing golf in one's twenties. It highlights the many advantages of taking up the sport at a later age, such as having more time to practice, being able to apply lessons from other sports and having more life experience to understand the range of emotions associated with golf. It also notes that starting golf in your twenties can be more expensive than starting earlier due to higher costs associated with equipment and courses. Finally, the article offers advice on how to start playing golf in your twenties and recommends finding an instructor and taking lessons.